Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

hair drama

Hair extensions do in fact come out. The first time one of them came out it was in the shower. I felt something creeping down my leg and actually screamed when I saw the small bunch of blue/gree hair sliding down my leg to the tub. To me it wasn't any different than seeing a chunck of my own hair sliding down my body. It was cause for great alarm at first.

It happened a couple more times in the next week. But yesterday in class was by far the most embarrassing mishap with the extensions. Apparently a larger piece of the blue/green hair had come loose. I was teaching the girls how to strip off their shirts and as I stripped off mine for demonstration, it caught on one of the loosened extensions and actually pulled it off with the shirt! I quickly grabbed it and found myself in the awkward situation of wondering where or how to hide the hair that I had in my hand. There really was no way to set it aside or dispose of it without them seeing I had just lost a piece of my hair. Not that they don't know the blue green hair is not my own. But still...kind of awkward.

I guess losing a few pieces of the extensions here and there is normal. But it does make me less likely to want to have them redone again when they grow out by February.

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