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The pole makes me VERY happy!

In a previous post about my class I think I said that the backward cat crouch was the hottest, sexiest move a woman could possible do. Ahem...I STAND CORRECTED. The level two class does moves that makes the level one class look like a bunch of preschoolers rolling around on the foor! Behold the cat crouch hip role combination!!!! Somehow it manages to be raunchy and dirty yet beautiful and sensual at the same time. This is a gift to men and women everywhere. Men, if a woman you find even half attractive does this on the floor you will want'll want to jump her or you're gay or quite dead. And women, if you practice this move 2 to 3 times a week at home you'll have abs of steel. I've only been doing the S Factor program for, what, like three weeks now? My abs look better now than they did back when I used to do sit ups three times a week. Only this is a HELL of a lot more fun than some stupid painful crunches.

Today I learned a pole spin called the half pint. Then we re-learned the firefly so that we can do it one handed. We also did one that involved spinning with your legs in splits in the air. Dear god I LOVE this craft!!!

I was told this particular level 2 class I was taking today only had about 5 students. But only 2 showed up today. One of them got a cramp or muscle pull of some kind and couldn't do pole work at all. So it was just myself and one other girl with one teacher and three poles. Practically a private lesson! We put on our stripper shorts and 6 inch platform heels and went to town!

The warm ups beforehand were a little frustrating. GET THIS - the other girls couldn't keep up with me. Me: a level one student! Although it wasn't so much skill as it was muscle. Many of the sexy floor moves require strong abs and these two girls did not have developed abs. Perhaps they only took class once a week and didn't practice at home? Who knows, but for some reason they're abs weren't strong so they were not able to execute the moves easily and the teacher kept having to reshow them over and over. I don't know if it was because I took to the moves so well or my ab strength but she asked me if I was a dancer. That made me proud.

I have discovered that once you learn one complicated pole move all the others are MUCH easier to learn. Unfortunately the teacher assumed that because I was learning them so quickly that she could just keep teaching me new ones one right after the other. This is where my ADD became a problem. The more we learned the more I began to forget the ones we learned first. At one point as I practiced I accidentally started to combine two pole tricks because in my head they were starting to blend together. And the combination was not a good because it mixed the hand support technique for one move with the leg work of another and they didn't jive.

As much as it pains me I have to work within the limits of my attention deficit disorder. My brain is not fully wired like most people's are. I can't just continue to learn pole trick after trick after trick without a week or two in between to practice them at home until they're as second nature to me as walking or brushing my teeth. And sadly the school won't have poles available at a discount until December. I need to either pay full price for a pole (about $450 with shipping) or go home next weekend. I think I'm going to opt for going home. I'll be hitting up seedmoon and starfish77 for use of the poles they have installed in their homes until the discount ones are available and I can put one in my bedroom. I'll also practice Friday nights at the Vogue since almost all these moves can be done on a rotating pole like the one they have there.

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