Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

boring girly post

It is simply not a sound financial decision to buy yourself every luxury you want. Common sense says that when you purchase one expensive luxury that you cut out a few smaller ones. One of the smaller luxuries I have given up since I purchases hair extensions was pedicures. It hasn't been easy, I keep looking down at my toes and thinking how naked they look.

So today I tried to paint my own toenails. I have developed a whole new respect for those gals at the nail salon! They are really difficult to paint, especially the small ones, without getting the polish on your skin and your cuticles. And if you try to get up and walk before they are completely dry, you smudge it. I did this with my big toe and had to wipe off the polish completely and repaint it...three times. And now that it's done it looks nowhere near as nice as when I had it done at the salon. And of course it doesn't come with the lovely leg and food massage they do there with the pedicure.

I'm jonesing for my professional pedicure.

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