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Can you host a cage girl?

Got my computer in somewhat working order again. Thank you brianfey and bitterfun for your computer troubleshooting help! The only thorn left is that the power adaptor that came with my new HP printer takes up 3 prong spaces on the power strip. I had to unplug my speakers to make room for it (until I can afford a surge protector with more than 6 plugs). No more playing music from my cool MP3 library. Now what idiot over at HP decided it would be a good idea to make the adaptor SO long that it takes up three plug spaces!? He owes me $30 for a new surge protector!

And now another request. I would like to post a couple of my cage dancing pictures here in my journal. The free photo hosting site I use has a downside in that it strongly degrades the quality of all the pictures. And it really ruins the cage dancing photos.

Can anyone host two photos for me? Preferably some one WITHOUT a girlfriend so she won't wonder why there are two pictures of a questionably clad woman on your computer.


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