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Couch Kitten

Seacompression question

For those of you going to Seacompression or that have gone before...what should we wear? What is everyone else wearing? Costumes??


The theme is ... uh, rainbows and unicorns....

So I'm guessing we should wear colors. Ya, not really easy for me, either.

Here are some pictures from last year
I'm likely going to wear my ballerina outfit. Short pink skirt, hello kitty knee socks, etc. (actually, I wore it to Jeremy's party last year if you remember it)
That outfit was hot!
Thanks! Actually, I'm thinking I might go goth. I've never actually done that before but since I'm getting my hair dyed dark with red streaks that day, I figured I might as well go all out on the night of it's debut. But umm...how does a girl do that?

Any tips?



The funny thing is, I'm having trouble NOT going goth. I have so little color now in my wardrobe.


well most peeps wear their playa attire of one kind or another.

Re: BM

Sadly, I have never been to the Playa. But from the videos I have seen, they all look like muppets and fairies on acid. Would that be close to accurate? :)