Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Swinging off of stop signs

I shopped this afternoon at Melrose and didn't find anything to buy. Yay!!!! Well nothing I could afford anyway. There are a lot of expensive boutiques there now. I met my friend Kim there and she was able to buy a few things. She was looking at $150 sweater and imagine my surprise when she asked the sales lady how much she would give it to her for. I watched them haggle and bargain until Kim got it for $99 including tax. I had NO idea you could do this in retail stores!

One store had these really beautiful goth dolls and I so wanted one! But they were $29. I would love to have one on my desk at home and maybe make some new outfits for her. I really did adore them.

I saw Judd Nelson eating at a cafe (from the Breakfast Club and more recently the t.v. series Suddenly Susan). It's not remarkable to see celebrities here, you can't throw a stick around here without hitting one. What is remarkable is that I almost never leave the house here in LA and yet I've run into three in just two weeks.

My first day of level two pole class is tomorrow. I haven't even gone half way through the level one class, so it will be fun to see if I can keep up. I've been really good about it so far so I'm not worried. And I'm absolutely desperate to get back on the pole! More than a day or two away and I start having withdrawals. I just noticed the other day that some stop signs in Santa Monica are mounted on poles and I'm starting to look at them the way a starving man looks at a 3 course dinner.

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