Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

school girl or devil?

I don't just love Halloween more than any other day because I get to wear costumes, I love it because OTHER people are wearing them too! After lunch with a friend this afternoon I walked to the bank to make a deposit. Children were already running around trick-or-treating and I so enjoyed seeing them all dressed up in their costumes. There was also a man dressed as a pirate standing outside the bank. Oh my, I forgot how dead sexy men are in costumes like that!!

Instead of going out tonight I ended up staying in for snuggles and a scary movie. Afterward I had a craving for a burger and drove to lower Queen Anne to get one. In the burger place were more costumes, including the most creative two I have seen so far. Two men were dressed as the Geiko commercial cave men, in suits and ties!

Thursday is the All Saints dance where we all dress in religious oriented costumes. I'm trying to decide between dressing as a Catholic school girl or wearing the devil costume below that I wore a couple years ago. I think I would rather wear the devil costume, I have blinking red light up horns to go with it. But the horns will get in the way on the dance floor (they fall off) whereas the school girl uniform has no such impediment. But there will probably be a ton of Catholic school girls there and I want to wear something different.

Halloween 2005


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