Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

need Christmas jeans

I did a last minute rush to get my flights reserved for the holidays last night. I figured by November the prices for Christmas time flights will go up, so I had better buy the tickets in October. At first it looked like my flight would be just over $400 round trip. But then a family member found a one way flight down for only $90 and got it for me. That just left me with paying $220 for my direct flight home. Yay for saving $200!!

My week long vacation will be very nomadic. I'll spend two days with a friend in the Bay Area. Then I'll have to repack and shuffle off to spend two days with a family member also in the Bay Area (but on a different side). Then I'll hop a 4 hour Greyhound ride down to Fresno to spend 2 days with my aunts and uncles. I'll spend so much time packing and unpacking on this trip that I should find just a few clothing items to bring that don't wrinkle. A pair of jeans would be ideal. But none of my jeans fit anymore. It's time to go jeans shopping. Yay!

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