Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

pole video

This video is different than the other ones I've posted because I throw in some exotic dance moves along with the pole dancing. I got these clips last February but I didn't edit or post them because I wasn't entirely comfortable sharing the exotic dance portion. I think the moves are tasteful and sensual (not raunchy), but I don't have control of what other people think of them. But the low lights protect my identity (at least if you don't know me) so I finally decided it was safe to post it.

This video should also make obvious why I ordered the hair extensions. If you tried to count the number of head whips I do in this 8 minute video, I'm guessing they would add up to 30 or 40. I just love head whips, there is something primal and delightful about doing them. But they only look good if you have hair to whip about.

I recently discovered one of my pole videos embedded on a site that I definitely don't want to be associated with. So to prevent this from happening to this one, I've disabled embedding. Click the link below to be taken directly to YouTube if you would like to see it:

Cicky to be taken to YouTube - I disabled embedding to protect my privacy.

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