Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

my go-go dancing experience

Last night started out uncomfortable, but I ended up having a fabulous time. I'm old school as far as go-go dancers go and I didn't know how they all do it now. My first mistake was showing up at the time they told me to show up. Everyone else knew to show up late so they didn't end up waiting around to actually start go-go dancing. Also everyone showed up in sweats and a suitcase on wheels full of clothes to play around with and try on. I just showed up ready to go with my dance outfit on and my coat over it. And what made me the most uncomfortable was realizing all the other dancers were least 12 or more years younger than me! I felt out of place as I just sat and waited in the dressing room while they all tried on different outfits.

After a while I suddenly realized that every one of them was dressed in pink while I was in my gothy black PVC and chainmail bra. It made sense right away, since we were all there to dance for a breast cancer foundation benefit (and pink is the breast cancer ribbon color), that there must have been a memo about wearing pink. I didn't get that memo. So I felt even MORE out of place. The girls helped me out and one of them gave me pink ribbons to lace up my arms. Another laid me down on the couch and dusted me from head to toe with pink glitter. Unfortunately I had dressed a bit on the conservative side with a mini skirt, and chainmail bra and PVC comfy boots. The other girls dressed all wild. They wore either hot short or skirts that did not cover their rears. They all did the common go-go dancer trick of layering bras over one another. This trick gives the dancers massive cleavage and myself and one other girl were the only ones not spilling out of our bras (making me feel even more out of place and too conservative). Half of them wore furry boot covers and over accessorized. Basically they all looked like cute little mini-drag queens in hardly there outfits -- only they looked absolutely fantastic doing it.

But my time feeling out of place soon ended when the dancing started. I outdanced every one of those little 20-somethings!! I'm not saying I danced better than all of them. But I was still out on the stage dancing non stop with full energy while they were all leaving for breaks and sitting out to catch their breath. And I kept going...and going..and going. Good lord I *love* being an entertainer and I just never wanted to leave the stage! By the end of the night I was not only no longer self conscious about my age, I was actually bragging about it to the other dancers and enjoying their shocked reactions. I paid for all that dancing though today, waking up so beat up that I was actually limping. And I think I gave myself whiplash from all the head whip moves I did up there. The owner loved all of us and asked all of us to come back and work for the event every third Saturday of the month. I'm very tempted now to get back into go-go dancing. My body certainly doesn't need the extra work, I already dance 3 or 4 hours a day. But being on stage is where I find my bliss. And I love to dress sexy and dance at the clubs anyway. Why not get paid for it?

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