Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

my greatest joy

Hugest thanks to winik for videoing my performance and uploading it last night for me so I could see it even before the video person I hired got his video to me. It was so wonderful to finally see my own performance and relive the joy of it.

Performing is truly my first love in life. And I can see the moments in the video where I do a challenging trick that took me months and months to finally learn and get right and the audience loves those tricks and breaks out in applause and appreciation. To have my hard work, my joy, my greatest bliss in life bring joy to so many people at once is indescribable. Doing something that brings me pleasure and is bringing pleasure as well to the 150 or so people in that club is like getting to have sex with 150 people at once. Okay, minus the intimacy of course. But there is certainly an ongoing exchange of pleasure that happens like that when I'm on stage and it feeds me and makes me want to feed them more -- and that's the closest way I can think of to accurately describe it. Being an artist, sharing my art with people who love and appreciate it, I know no greater joy in life.

Some stills from the video:


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