Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage


The party was fabulous but boy did it get off to a rough start. I arrived at the club later than I planned, which didn't leave much prep time. While I did reserve the club through the owner, word did not make it to the Saturday staff about my party. Imagine their surprise when we showed up. They were understaffed and not prepared for us at all. A fabulous bartender named Damien picked up the slack and called and confirmed with the owner and then helped us move tables, set up stage lights, find the microphone, etc. The poor guy was doing all this while trying to train a new bartender. Thank goodness for his patience!

The traffic was horrible in Seattle due to a viaduct being closed. So a half hour after the party started, there were only about 50 people. I was so nervous! In order to get the club reserved, I promised the owner 75 to 100 guests (to replace the bar and food revenue they would lose by closing the club to the public for our private party). It turned out I had nothing to worry about, there were close to 150 people by the time the performances started. But for a while there I was sweating bullets.

Speaking of performances, they started late because we couldn't find the microphone chord. I thought for sure I would end up on stage trying to MC without a microphone, just screaming my little head off to try and get 150 people to hear me! But it came together at the last minute. Unfortunately I spent SO much time running around trying to gather the performers, get the microphone working, get the DJ settled, etc. that I hardly got to talk to any of my guests. I felt so guilty!!!! And even though I had a DJ playing all my favorite music, I only got to dance once (not counting my performance). If I ever have another party, I hope some one else can run it so I can spend more time with friends.

Will post about the performances later. Thanks everyone for making this dream party such a huge success!!!

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