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socks and cat

Going on an adventure tonight

Tonight I'm finally going to have a chance to check out a club in Hollywood called Dungeon. I'm attracted to the size of it and the fact that it has two dance floors. I'm a bit intimidated by the whole BDSM scene that goes on there. I looked at pictures on the website of the kinds of stage performances they'll have. And with scenes like this one going on I think it might be too intense for me. I'm not a BDSM girl but I do enjoy different and unusual forms of entertainment and I want to learn more about anything that is so prevalent in my community. So off I go. And for more pics of what goes on at Dungeon check HERE.

Hopefully tonight I'll make a friend or two, see some things I have never seen before (they even have slave auctions on stage!) and if I'm really lucky some one will buy me a drink. :)


I'll be curious to hear your impressions of the place after-the-fact...


Another reason to hate Seattle, as I don't think I'll ever see or be to a club around here that has stuff like that going on. It's so sad how conservative we our when it comes to certain aspects of BDSM.
I go every time I am in LA... it blows away any Seattle club.

It's a shame we don't have clubs that good.


That definitely qualifies for the "adventure" category. Have a great time!
Did you go get your haircut in Venice?
No not yet. Who knows if I'll ever get my hair cut down here.
Have fun .. and oh! did you see the guy on the left for pic #12 .. nice eyes! giggle