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Going on an adventure tonight

Tonight I'm finally going to have a chance to check out a club in Hollywood called Dungeon. I'm attracted to the size of it and the fact that it has two dance floors. I'm a bit intimidated by the whole BDSM scene that goes on there. I looked at pictures on the website of the kinds of stage performances they'll have. And with scenes like this one going on I think it might be too intense for me. I'm not a BDSM girl but I do enjoy different and unusual forms of entertainment and I want to learn more about anything that is so prevalent in my community. So off I go. And for more pics of what goes on at Dungeon check HERE.

Hopefully tonight I'll make a friend or two, see some things I have never seen before (they even have slave auctions on stage!) and if I'm really lucky some one will buy me a drink. :)

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