Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

opinions please

On my last last ladies only strip club tour some of the gals in the group said that their boyfriends or husbands wanted to join them on the tour. So I have decided that my next guided strip club tour will be for couples. Normally women only club tours are $39 per woman. This does not include the price of dinner and drinks at the restaurant we meet at first. But the restaurant is reasonably prices with dinners from $8 to $12.50. I was thinking of charging $49 per couple, because I don't want the night to be too pricey after dinner is added. But maybe that isn't enough considering it is only $10 more than I charge for a single person. Or maybe it is too much and will discourage couples from registering. Keep in mind that PayPal will take about $2 of each registration fee collected. What should I charge?

What should I charge couples?

I was also wondering if I should let single girls attend. Would it be weird if you were going on a strip club tour with other couples and a tour guide and there were single women there? Would it make a difference if the women could only attend if they brought a friend (so they weren't technically single women alone)?

The couples strip club tour should be...

Couples only
Couples and single women only
Couples and women who register together with a friend (so they are sort of a couple but friends)

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