Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

last night at the strip club

The ladies only strip club tour was a roaring success last night. Most of the girls there had either been my students or had attended one of my pole parties. I loved hearing the girls rave about the party and how much fun it was and how they still talk about it. I have to admit that in spite of the fact that I know more about the workings of a strip club than just about anyone who hasn't worked there or been married to some one who has, they still hit me with a couple questions I could not answer. Like how are the shifts assigned? Lucky for me I have a good working relationship with the manager at Deja Vu so I can ask him things like this.

The girls were a lot of fun and had a few drinks when we all had dinner together. Then we proceeded into the club and much to my surprise they ALL wanted to sit right up at the stage. You can imagine how shocked the exotic dancers were to see almost every seat at the stage taken by this huge group of girls. And my girls were great, I reminded them beforehand to tip and they tipped EVERY dancer. I'm so proud of them! They even interacted with the dancers, holding dollars in their mouths so the dancers could come down from the stage and use their breasts to take the dollars out of their mouths. One of the girls really wanted to buy a lap dance (I think her husband asked her to before she went) but she felt like it was awkward to ask a girl. So finally myself and another girl in the group told a dancer to ask her. Our girl was a little embarrassed but the dancer was nice enough to spend an entire song just talking to her and making her feel comfortable before she gave her a dance.

While I was there I even picked up 3 new, short floor work moves. I practiced them in my studio today. A couple of the girls in the group mentioned that their husbands would have liked to have joined them. So I believe it is time for me to organize a couples tour group to run in addition to the women only group.

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