Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

What should I do!?

I have a problem. I screwed up. For those of you that don't know it I have a learning disability that effects my ability to do even the most simple of math problems. This may have something to do with the fact that I thought that both group classes AND private lessons at the stripping/dancing/pole school were $50 an hour. I was wrong. Private sessions are $150 per hour!!!!

I thought I could take just 3 classes and then take a whole bunch of private sessions. Then one or two intermediate classes. But that many private sessions are no longer an option. Here are my remaining choices:

Option #1. Finish most of the beginning classes and squeeze in one private session.

- Classes are much cheaper
- I'll get to observe more group teaching techniques rather than just learn the moves privately
- More repetition of what I've learned, which means I will be able to remember it better

- I will not learn as many pole tricks, including the advanced ones I dream of such as hanging upside down.
- I'll spend a lot of time repeating the same moves and routine over and over and over. Much of which I could learn from Sheila's book which will be coming out in December.
- I will be stuck in LA for at least another month. I won't be able to start driving back until December 14th.
- I will most likely have to get a job while I'm here. Office jobs make me miserable. I wasn't planning on being miserable while I'm here.

Option #2. Take one private session, possibly one intermediate class and one more private session.

-I'll be concentrating on things I can't learn from her book like the more challenging pole tricks. The rest I can study at home.
- No more repeating the same moves over and over. I feel like I know them pretty well and I want to learn more.
-I'll get to go home very soon, I'll leave the weekend after Thanksgiving

-It's a shame to drive all the way to LA and then take only 4 classes and a couple private sessions
-I won't get the repetition I need to reinforce the moves
-I won't get to observe as much teaching techniques, which might be helpful later when I want to teach.

I'll meditate on these choices and give it some thought. Suggestions?

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