Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

My third class

The phone was ringing off the hook at the studio today where I take my class. My teacher, Sheila Kelley, and the school were featured on Oprah on Monday. Now the entire country knows about her and everyone wants to take her class. I overheard some of the phone calls as I was stretching in the lobby and people are calling and asking how they can learn to teach the program!

There were 15 students in class today and only two other girls had purchased their 6" platform heels to practice the routine in. And of course I was the only one in platform boots. The other girls all looked at my boots curiously.

I found out that a move I've been referring to as the "cat crawl" is actually called a cat pounce. It's sexy as hell. If you see me dancing at a club and I'm not wearing anything too nice, ask me to demonstrate if for you. Unfortunately it also involves pretty much sweeping the floor with my chest which makes for a dirty shirt. No worry, we learned how to strip off our shirts today.

And there was an amusing moment when Sheila had to teach the class not to dance to the beat but dance to the wave of the music. She said dancing to the beat is what cheerleaders do. I wanted to laugh because no self respecting goth girl dances to the beat. Well, except for that one at the Vogue who looks like she's punching the hell out of somebody when she dances (but she looks good doing it). But since I discovered goth clubs I've been dancing slow and sinuous to fast beats. Sheila said, "this is a hard song" and then played one with a hard fast beat as she tried to get the girls to move slow as molasses to it. Ha! Mastered that long ago at the Vogue and the Mercury.

We learned another pole spin today. Then she even showed us how to do it one handed. I had some trouble with it because there are no mirrors in class and can't see where my legs are going. So I just kept doing it over and over. My legs will be covered in bruises tomorrow, I can feel it. And speaking of bruises we spent SO much time on our hands and knees today that I already have bruises on my knees. Lots of crawling and kneeling hip rolls.

I spent more time today taking my new stripper outfit out of the bag and just looking at it in awe and delight. I've never owned anything like this. Sure I've thrown together a few sexy outfits before. But I've never purchased anything specifically designed to be titillating and provocative. I haven't felt this excited about a purchase since I bought my new car (well, new to me anyway) two years ago.

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