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I am a club clothes ADDICT!!!!

I am head over heels in lust with this this skull and crossbones corset. The designer will also custom make them to your specifications. I think it would be great for a goth/belly dance costume so I e-mailed the designer and asked her how much it would cost to have it made as an ab baring corset. I'll also want the matching arm warmers here depending on how much she wants for both.


a tad bit off topic, but...

Noc Noc had some amazing pole dancers tonight. Similar to the Fenix show we saw, but zowie, they got even BETTER!

Sounds like it's going to be a regular thing there, if you have interest seeing the local talent, or even the casual solicitation of "hey, I teach that sort of thing. Interested?" among the crowd.

Re: a tad bit off topic, but...

Noc Noc always has pole dancers every Wednesday night. One of them is a world pole champion and a I have taken lessons from her. But I teach classes on Wednesday nights. So it's never going to happen.

Re: a tad bit off topic, but...

Ah, see, I'm outta the loop. I shoulda known you'd know this and I forgot. I don't normally get out there on weeknights so I thought this might've been a different or infrequent event.

Re: a tad bit off topic, but...

Actually since next week is my week off from teaching, maybe I'll actually go! My belly dance instructor and her troupe also perform there on some Wednesday nights.

Re: a tad bit off topic, but...

There was, in fact, a belly dancer performing there tonight! She did a rather hypnotic dance to Motley Crue music. I've never seen the two genres mixed, and she pulled it off well.
Thanks for sharing that link.. that's a fine design.. I'm going to just lust over the handiwork..
yay.. she has a website.. not an ebay gal..

oops.. her main site:

oh, the options!