Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

I think my credit card hurts

Have you ever spent so much that hurt like it does when you eat too much candy? I spent 5 hours on Hollywood Blvd today. I didn't exactly have a budget when I hit the stripper stores today. But I did have a plan, and that plan was not to buy anything until I checked every store on Hollywood Blvd to see if I could find it cheaper somewhere else. And I stuck to that plan when I started. But damn there are dozens and dozens of stores on that street devoted to our lovely Los Angeles erotic dancers. After a while it seemed ridiculous to constantly think to myself: Okay I want that but I'll just go to all the other stores first to see if there's anything cheaper. I also felt guilty for trying on platform shoes in store and after store after store and not buying anything.

The biggest debacle was those stripper hot shorts. I think the thing that made custom made shorts so attractive is that I could finally have a pair of hot shorts that actually covered my ass -- and in PVC no less! These days they make hot shorts so half your ass hangs out of them. And no matter what you think of me at this point I actually am more modest than that. And in all the dancer stores I had checked so far I hadn't found any shorts that worked for me.

But they couldn't get the shorts right! They altered them twice before they pretty much ruined them on the third try. Finally the guy gave up and suggested I choose another fabric. So I chose one that was black and shiny but not true PVC. I shopped around at other stores while I waited for them to make me a new pair and of course found WAY better stuff at another store! Imagine an erotic dancer store so huge they had an entire wall devoted to school girl skirts. Row upon row upon row of tiny little plaid skirts in every color you can imagine but only one hem length: tiny as hell. It's a store called "Playmates" and in it I found the most fabulous erotic dancer outfit set ever! And a pair of hot shorts that not only provided full rear coverage but were made out of a net type material so they gave a little support while you could sort of see through them.

I went back to the custom place and tried on the new shorts. So not happy with them. I asked for a refund hoping that I could use the money instead at the Playmates store. But by then they had spent so much time doing and redoing my custom shorts that a refund was out of the question. I settled for them. I don't like them. I don't think they fit well. Hell I'll probably never wear them except maybe under the see through sheer black skirts that I wear to the Mercury. What a complete waste of $30.

And back to Playmates for my amazing outfit. I have GOT to find some way to post pictures! I brought my digital camera with me, the prehistoric one that is huge and weighs like 4 pounds. But it takes pictures directly to floppy disks and Jai's Mac only has a CD drive. But I got an outfit that is both sexy, elegant and beautiful. Think chinese dragon pattern with lots of criss-crossing lacing everywhere. I'll post some details at a later time when I have more internet access.

And the was that a tough choice. After going from store to store trying to get below the average $45 price of platform 6 inch heel erotic dancer shoes...I was down to two choices for $29. The first was a beautiful pair of open toe sandal type. The black straps were accented with rhinestones. They were the sexy shoes that guys imagine on strippers. The others were a pair of ankle high PVC lace up boots, also with the platform and 6" heels. The man at the shoe store explained to me that when he sees a stripper he wants to see ankle and toes. But those shoes just aren't me! I'd never wear them again except maybe for amateur night at Deja Vu. At least the boots I can wear over and over again to the clubs. Of course the boots don't create the smooth, sleek leg lines that the shoes do. They're too chunky. And they may even inhibit my pole spinning in class. But I don't care. I'm a goth gal down to the core and I'm not comfortable in those stupid sandals. Give me PVC and lace up any day! I got the boots.

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