Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

breaking a new pair in

I got lots of sleep last night so I think I'll have the energy after the pole party tonight to go out. Unfortunately I'll get out much too late to go the party I want to attend. But I'm meeting folks at Noc Noc and I'm looking forward to wearing new boots.

During one of my trips to LA this year I ordered a pair of custom made boots. Since I was a teen ager I dreamed of owning a pair of thigh high boots that are flat instead of high heeled (kind of like the ones in the icon for this post, only flat heeled). But all the flat thigh high boots you can get online are big, baggy, slouchy pirate style. Nothing slim fitting or sexy. So I paid to have a pair of thigh high black leather boots made that lace all the way up to the top AND have buckles going acros them AND are flat. Sadly, they did a pretty sucky job for the amount of money I paid for them. They aren't even all that comfortable, and that was the whole point of having them made flat. But I paid for them and they're mind now, so I might as well give them a test run. They will make their debut tonight at the club.

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