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Kitten has a date!

It's a very long lobby. I was walking toward the Sanctuary entrance and he was walking away from it. We locked eyes as we approached one another. There is really a customary amount of time with which you can hold eye contact with a stranger before it either becomes rude or just obvious that you like one another. As we continued walking in one another's direction we long surpassed that time.

And that's when it struck me, how odd. I remembered thinking first of all that he looked familiar and almost as small as David Faustino who I had seen there earlier that morning at service. But mostly I couldn't figure out why I was looking at him this way. He has short hair. I'm so not attracted to men with short hair. He was normal. I'm talking jeans and a plaid shirt normal. I like feminine men and goth men...but normal men? He broke my curious contemplation as we passed when he said, "good evening." I think I blushed and looked down as I stammered "hello" shyly.

It was at Agape and we were there for a dance performance. And shortly after I found my seat I looked around and saw that the mystery man I had passed in the lobby was seated two rows behind me on the other end. And sitting next to David Faustino! And with them sitting next to one another it was obvious by the striking resemblance that they were brothers. For those of you who don't know who David Faustino is, he played Bud Bundy on the series "Married with Children" for 10 years.

I know that celebrities are accustomed to being approached often so I used that as an excuse to go meet them. I asked, "are you two brothers?" They denied it at first, enjoying the baffled look on my face. But they finally confessed to the obvious. I introduced myself to them and they introduced themselves in return. I congratulated David as I had heard his name announced at service that morning as one of the new practitioners. And practitioner training is an intense two year study program with volunteering and interning required to graduate. I know how hard and rewarding it is. David thanked me.

I spent intermission trying to work up the courage to ask the cute brother out. Finally I found him alone in his seat without his famous brother with him. I went to him said, "would you tell me your name again?" He smiled and replied, "I wanted to ask you the same thing." From there it was obvious that we liked each other. I should have taken his number when he offered to write it down for me, but I gave him mine instead.

This won't go anywhere. I'm leaving in 3 to 4 weeks. And he and his brother are heading to Florida on the 20th (I wasn't clear if that was November 20th or December 20th). It's just extremely unusual for me to be attracted to such a "normal". And I am kind of lonely here in LA. So what's the harm in a little date? We agreed to have coffee.

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