Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

How did I ever live without a laptop?

It only took me one day of having a laptop to discover how much it truly rocks. My bookkeeper came over yesterday to return some of my files and go over a few things. She told me I forgot to put the amount on check #190 in my register and she needed to know what it was for. When something like this came up previously, I had to write it down and remember later to look it up online and e-mail it to her. This time I just asked her to wait a second while I went to the other room to get my laptop. I got it, brought it back to the room we were meeting in and looked it up and gave her an answer on the spot!

Later in the evening I also used it in the living room to update my LJ during the commercial break of The Pick Up Artists. I can see a lot of computing and tv watching simultaneously to help my ADD mind focus.

And today I saw a pole dance move on YouTube that I want to try. I realized I could just take my computer into my studio now and watch the move as I try it on the pole. Yay laptop!!

Now all I need is a case so I bring it places with me outside the home. I think I have spent more than enough on a nice computer, docking station, glow in the dark keyboard and the trackball I plant to get this weekend. I think I'm done splurging and I don't mind cutting corners on this one purchase. I'll check Value Village (thrift store) to see if I can get a laptop bag cheap.

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