Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

I got this computer, did I do okay?

I only went to Costco to price computers, I didn't realize I would actually BUY one! And now I don't even know if I did the right thing (I can return it if I did not). I think I purchased partly out of shopping frustration. I stopped at Best Buy first and nothing there was quite right. At first I thought I found a Toshiba that was everything I wanted for under $1,000. But then I realized that it also had something I didn't want, the wrong kind of processor. I only want Intel. So then I found one by Sony that had all the same features as the Toshiba, but with Intel, but it was $1,200 and the monitor was too small. I left Best Buy feeling like I would never find exactly what I want.

That's when I hit Costco and saw this computer. My first thought was that $1,000 was a good deal. Then I saw the coupon for $150 off and knew I had to have it. But I didn't want to buy it until I could go home and look up the reviews online. I checked with customer service to see how many they had and she said they only had 80 in stock and expected it to be sold out within a day or two. So I had to grab it.

But when I got home I couldn't find the model online. I can't find reviews. I can't find it for sale anywhere else so I can see if I can get a better price. Did HP make this just for Costco? And what the heck is a 5-in-1 Digital Media Reader and ExpressCard™/54 Slot? And does this thing have a decent graphics card? I also got this docking station because it is EXACTLY what I have been looking (a station that raises the monitor so you don't have to look down when using the computer at home).

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