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My second class

Today my teacher was Kaitlin. And like every pole dancing teacher she has a body that teen-age boys dream about. So...perfect. I liked her teaching better than Sheila's. I guess I assumed that since Sheila is the founder of the techniques that she would be the best teacher. But Kaitlin took her time, demonstrating the moves more slowly and giving a greater range and variety with which to do them.

The kneeling backward arch (following a backward cat crouch) is one of my all time favorite floor moves. She gave students who weren't as flexible the option of doing it from their elbows. She had us do the cat crawl backward and forward. And because the class was so much smaller than Sheila's, she was able to give more personal attention. If it weren't for that I wouldn't have known that I was doing my kneeling hip rolls more from my upper body than my hips. I'm making a mental note to keep my class size under 7 unless I have an assistant.

And I fulfilled my goal of being the best pole student in the class! By the time we were practicing on our own I was helping other students with their foot placement. One girl jokingly called me a "show off" because I did the spin so well when I practiced. And I learned that our first spin is called a "firefly."

And actually there was one woman who was better than myself. But she was way ahead of the class. She was also by far the most beautiful woman in the class. The kind of movie star looks that you see so often in LA. While the class suggests you practice moves in 6 inch stripper type platform shoes, she was wearing what was clearly 7 to 8 inch platform shoes. She also knew an extra spin that none of the other students had learned yet. And she moved very naturally. She's either taken the class before or has some professional pole experience.

I got a better feel for the warm ups, which by the way are incredibly sexy but also very strenuous. I also found out that I misunderstood Sheila's catch phrase for the on the back legs spread in the air move. Apparently what Sheila was saying was, "Yes I have a vagina AND a to it." Meaning even when she has her legs spread she expects you to remember she's a person. At least that's my interpretation of what she could mean by it.

After class I took detailed notes on the wall routine we learned. Dear god it's SO erotic. I wish I could perform the routine at the Vogue. But most men would see it and assume I wanted to be fucked into the floor and most girls would assume I'm a slut and pretty full of myself. So perhaps it's best to limit this routine to the bedroom and class room.

We've learned SO much so quickly that I can't even begin to imagine what they will teach in the remaining classes. Not that I will get to take all six, since I don't want to be here another 6 weeks. It's probably best that I move on to private lessons pretty quickly. Because we're only learning one pole move per class. And quite frankly there are places in Seattle where I can learn erotic dance. I didn't go to LA to learn the erotic dance portion (although I'm very glad I did!!!). I came to LA to learn pole work. I'm finding that I'm taking to it slowly but efficiently. It's time to move on. I will take at least one more group class. Sadly I don't think it can be Kaitlin's. Because she doesn't teach again until Saturday. And that would mean wasting an entire week waiting for her next class. I need to utilize my limited time here wisely. So I will most likely go back to Sheila's class on Wednesday morning.

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