Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

please plan your schedules before you register

It amazes me the number of students this session that have asked to drop class and have their tuition transferred to the next session so they can finish the class in September instead. One decided to go on vacation, one decided the drive from Tacoma took too long, one wants to wait until her husband is back and town so she doesn't have to drive her daughter somewhere before class, etc.

The credit card processing service I use is fabulous because they put in a special check box on the payment form. The box basically says they agree to the no refund policy and understand they cannot transfer their tuition to another session. If they don't check "yes" on that box, their payment simply does not go through and they don't get a spot in class. The confirmation e-mail also tells them in bold letters that they cannot transfer their tuition once the classes have started. They still ask.

What I don't understand is why they don't realize that I lose money if they transfer like that. If I did as these girls asked and moved their total of $760 in tuition to another session, who is going to make up that $760 tuition THIS session? Am I just not supposed to pay my attorney or my bookkeeper or my organizer or my rent this month so they can transfer? I turned away lots of women who wanted their spots, I could have recouped that money had they asked me before the classes started. Or I could leave the money in this month, and just turn away $760 worth of paying students next session so they can have those spots they want next session. Either way, I come up $760 short if I do as they ask. So I don't understand why these girls are asking me to take a financial loss for them.

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