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This week was the first week of the new session. All of my intro level girls left the the first day of the intro classes talking about how much fun they had and how much they enjoyed it. I can't even begin to describe how incredible that feels. And it's amazing too considering how much more technical my classes have become. On the first day these girls are using muscles they don't normally use and engaging their bodies in ways that may be completely unnatural to them and getting a mini lesson in physiology so they can use the proper muscles...and they are still having fun!

My classes and teaching have both changed so much since the first classes back in April of 2006 that they really aren't even the same any more. As I study more and take more and more classes in muscle physiology and erotic dance and pole dance for instructors I just gain more skills and become more and more confident and my students are getting the best possible education from me while still having fun. It feels so good to be doing something for a living at which I can constantly improve and continually offer a better product to my clients each session. It makes up for all the years I spent trapped in dead end short term jobs that didn't utilize my talents and didn't bring any happiness, joy, fulfillment or improve the quality of life for anyone. I have the power to do that now, and I owe it all to pole dancing.
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