Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

How to lose my business

I just put together a brand new song list to go with the brand new lesson plan for the intro to pole dance class. But there's not time to test it out to see if the slow music coincides with the slow moves and the sexy music plays when we're doing the floor work. I'll just have to wing it and make adjustments as needed for the next class.

I've decided not to rent the studio in Capitol Hill any more that I use for exotic dance classes. I really liked them because they have two sofas they can put in the studio for my striptease and lap dance workshops (I put the lap dancing dummies on the sofas for the lap dance portion of the workshop). But I booked them last Saturday night for an exotic dance bachelorette party (there were too many girls to fit in my studio for a pole party). The agreement was that they would put a boom box in there for me and have both sofas in there as well as move out a huge, ugly ladder that was being stored in there. So imagine my horror when I arrived to set up for the private party only to find the ugly ladder was still there (too huge for one girl to move), the sofas were missing and there was no boom box. I managed to cover the ladder with some props. And fortunately the little tiny speakers I purchased for my mp3 player was loud enough for that huge studio and I didn't need the missing book box. And I searched other rooms in the building for the sofas and found them, but I wasn't strong enough to push them into the studio I was renting. I had to actually ask the girls who booked the party with me to help me push the sofas in. They didn't mind a bit, but it wasn't exactly what I would consider professional. Had it not been for my resourcefulness, that staff at that studio almost cost me some business and could have resulted in 13 very disappointed girls. I don't see any need to get mad at them, I just won't rent from them ever again.

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