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The Dungeon will have to wait

Woah. Woke up this morning...everything hurts. Wow. The "S Factor" as this dance program is called, works out muscles you either never use or at least never use in that way. So it's good pain. It's muscles being worked hard pain. As far as I can tell the only aggravation to my injury is some nerve compression in my lower vertebrae. I can feel it when I walk, sort of a shooting dull ache with each step. Normally the chiropractor would fix this up in once visit. But I will just have to explore some other creative options. I'm wondering if it would relieve the compression if I hung upside down for a while. I'll be looking for a playground with a jungle gym today. I'm not actually sure I know how to hang upside down. But I might as well try it on a playground now before I have to start doing it from the stripper pole in a couple weeks.

From the muscles that are aching I can tell that this program is going to give me some nice muscle tone to my arms, a strong back, and some nicely defined glutes. And that's only from the floor work and one little pole spin. Imagine what a larger repertoire of pole spins would do. Sheila said that after doing this program for 3 months women find they are in the best shape of their lives. All the more reason to have a stripper pole installed in my bedroom.

So on Saturday afternoon I will be repeating the same class I just took, only with a different teacher. This doesn't seem like the most economically sound way to do it (paying to take the second class over). But I want to make sure I have all the moves down before I move on and I want an opportunity to sample the same moves from a different teaching style. Sadly this means I will not be able to club Saturday night. I was really looking forward to checking out the Dungeon. But this class is absolutely amazing and powerful and I plan to make learning it and allowing ample recovery and healing time my priority.

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