Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Off I go with my busy self

Haven't read LJ much...insanely busy. The home pole party I worked last night was a bit wild. Sadly, some one close to me was pretty sick and I couldn't be there for him because I was working that party. And I couldn't ask my other party instructor to take my party because she was teaching one already at my studio at the same time that I was teaching one at some one's home. I know he understands I had to work and all. But I still hate that I wasn't there for him.

Now I'm returning calls to some folks that want parties and trying to get my place a bit organized before the organizer/coach arrives tomorrow. I figure the more I do on my own tonight, the less she'll be helping me with at her $75 per hour rate. Better to get it done tonight than pay for it tomorrow.

Scored BIG time at a clothing swap party this afternoon. A couple VERY sexy dresses that lace all the way up the side, from top to bottom. Can't wait until I actually have time to club again so I can wear them.

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