Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Back to LA for more training

I have been trying to decide for weeks now whether or not to go to LA for a long weekend (later this month) for that weekend long exotic dance workshop for instructors. The deciding factor was quicksilver1. It turns out he has plans to be in LA that same weekend. Just by coincidence, he booked a seat on the same flight that I can get a seat on with my stand by guest ticket. Somehow getting up at 4:00am to catch a crack of dawn flight is no longer miserable when you have company and some one to share the shuttle to the airport with. Go us!

I am feeling some guilt over spending so much money on the workshops when I also have so many business expenses. I just wrote a check to my new attorney for $650. On Monday my new coach will be getting a check from me for almost $300. And I need to hire a bookkeeper ASAP. Add to this the fact that I will have to cancel or reschedule several private lessons and give a party to my other lovely instructor in order to do this trip and I'm taking an income cut of about $560 while I'm gone. But I know that if I keep passing up opportunities just to stay home and make money, my life will not be any fun. I work WAY too hard. I miss a ton of fun stuff so I can do these pole parties on Saturday nights. And heck, it's not like this is a vacation. I'll spend most of my time in LA learning some fabulous new skills that may really make a difference in my classes or allow me to develop an entirely new class or workshop that I never offered before. Gotta keep those skills fresh. Right?

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