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socks and cat

Seeking online calendar program

Is there an online calendar program that two people can use? So both people can make entries onto the calendar, but it distinguishes (maybe by color of the entry of by name of the person who made the entry) them from one another? I know Google has an online calendar but I think only one person that has the password can make entries. I'm looking for one that two people can use and share and both make entries to.



Google Calendar doesn't have that feature explicitly, but I do use Google for that "kind" of scenario.

You both create calendars then mark each other as 'friends' and you can see each others entries. You can easily copy between both if needed. Includes color coding.

I think Yahoo has a community calendar feature.
Yahoo Calendars has that option.


You can specifically choose who can edit your calendar, but they would need to have a Yahoo account.
I couldn't find that option in there. Where is it?
If you click on the Sharing link on the upper right, it will let you set it so only certain people have access to share your calendar.

I hope that's what you were looking for.
The only sharing options that gave me was who can view the calendar. It doesn't say anything about who can make entries in the calendar. This is all I see:

Event Sharing (default):
others can't see the event

Show as Busy
others can see when the event is scheduled, but no details

others can see the event details

Apply to Existing Tasks and Events

Note: You can always change this setting when adding an event to your calendar.

Calendar Sharing:
Share your calendar by giving the following URL to your friends: (omitted)

To view a friend's calendar, enter their Yahoo! ID below and click Go.

Yes -- this is what I do, so that Marty and I can both actively edit the same calendar.
Yes, this is what I've using this year to manage my patients schedule (since I went to semi-retired last august and didn't want to pay for other calendar systems).
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