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socks and cat

more milestones

Tonight is the first time that Pole for the Soul ever had two pole parties simultaneously. bellypriestess taught a party here in my studio from 8:00 to 10:00pm and I taught one at a hotel suite from 7:00 to 9:00pm. Since I pay some one to come with me to home or hotel parties to set up the pole (and make sure I don't get mugged or something), I guess technically today is also the first day that Pole for the Soul has ever employed two people in one day.

Wow. :)


Congrats! =)

All successful businesses must grow at some point or die.

You have grown.

Excellent choice and good to hear! 8-)
Neat! Good to see things are continuing to grow. :-)
Wow! Congratulations. I admire the commitment it takes to run your own business. I have doubts that it's something I could do myself.

Small world. I just now realized that I saw bellypriestess last Tuesday, at Neighbors as part of the Hands of Kali. I was amazed at their choreography, grace, and talent.
I had more than doubts myself, I absolutely refused to take this business full time when I started (it was part time for a while). Had I not lost my day job, I never would have had the courage to quit and do this full time. But fate was on my side and pushed me to do it.

We never really know what we're capable of doing until we just jump in all the way and try.