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socks and cat

wish me luck

Tonight I will be teaching my level 4 class how to strip off their hotshorts down to their thong. It's a very sexy strip that involves a pole trick and writhing on your back as the shorts slip off.

This will also be the first time I've ever been in front of my class in a thong. I don't know who is more nervous about being in front of the entire class in a thong, myself or the students (when it is their turn to do the strip). But I'm the one who has to maintain a professional image and set the tone for the class. I'm the one teaching them how to be confident in their bodies no matter what their size or shape. So I can't look shy or nervous!


Heh, that's the problem. "Myself" doesn't usually writhe around on my back stripping off my shorts in front of people.
You could tell them you are just looking shy and nervous so THEY will feel more at ease.

Kidding aside, you LOOK phenomenal. I'm positive you look great with only a thong.
So, how did it go?
As I was demonstrating the move, I heard them say, "wow that's hot." That's when I knew it was okay!! :)
Good luck! I know you'll do fine!

And that move sounds hawt. :)

hawt moves

I think cagekitten did a video demoing that move once. Except she was wearing something underneath the thong :-P

Re: hawt moves

I think I remember that now. That was hawt.

Re: hawt moves

Nope. That video was showing how to remove your thong while on the pole. This lesson is how to remove your hot shorts (to reveal your thong) while on your back.

I've got LOTS of tricks up my sleeve. ;)

Re: hawt moves

I've got LOTS of tricks up my sleeve. ;)

And all of them hawt, I bet! ;)
I'm over 110% certain I've seen you in a thong. You've got nothing to by nervous about.