Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

My day thus far

Well that's not how I wanted my week to start. It wasn't easy for me to get out of bed earlier than I planned and rush around getting ready to be out the door in time. Then I drove for 20 minutes and finally got to 8 Limbs Yoga only to find out that the Monday meditation class had been canceled this week to make room for something called "kids camp." The receptionist thought they had put notice of the cancellation on the website. But I had her go to the classes page so she could see it was still listed as a class with no mention of cancellation. After that I waited outside the studio to see if paraventur and jp7 were going to show up.

On the way home I did get to swing by Trader Joe's to buy something I had sampled at jonwa's party this last Saturday. They have white stilton cheese with bits of apricots in it. It is to DIE for! I can't wait to slice it up and put it on some crackers.

On today's exciting agenda, to do before I teach classes this evening:

*call the airline about my stand by tickets
*clean out the closet in the dance studio
*schedule the classes for next session
*call YogaLife about studio rental
*call hair stylist for appointment
*do a load of laundry
*take out the recycling
*take out the trash
*clean the pole studio
*respond to business e-mails
*call J at N about food and DJ for private party

Yes, never a dull moment.

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