Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Hired some help

belovedrooster referred me to an ADD coach here in Seattle and I made an appointment with her on July 9th (the first date that worked with both our schedules). As soon as I made the appointment with her I took one loog at my room/office and realized I need this SO bad. The business isn't going to fail, but it's about to hit a wall (or currently hitting one) where it just can't grow and I'm too exhausted to keep it going because I'm too disorganized to run it. And with my competition up and running, I will simply be swallowed by the competition if I don't continue to grow and hire new instructors so I'm not so exhausted.

The coach charges $75 per hour and prefers to work in 3 hour sessions. Yeah, that's a lot. But after the last two days, I know I can't afford not to do it. Yesterday as a pole party was about to start I suddenly realized I was physically shaking. I guess it was exhaustion or fatigue, but I felt a bit sick. I knew there was no way I could cancel the party so I had to just drink a lot of water and breathe deep and keep going. Today the teacher from the other pole school in Seattle came over so we can practice together. We LOVE our practice time together. But we were both so exhausted that we just couldn't do it. We did a few tricks, gave up, and laid down on the floor and both talked about how much we wanted a nap.

So basically I'll burn out if things keep going at this rate. That coach can't get here soon enough!

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