Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Is an air conditioner supposed to keep a room cold?

How do I know if my new air conditioner works? It barely kept my first class cool last night and the second class was roasting like an oven even with the air conditioner going as high as it can.

I got a portable one with 10000 BTU's. It sells for $700 at Bed, Bath & Beyond but I purchased a Costco membership just so I could get it for $500 instead. When I stand in front of it, it is definitely blowing out cool air...but NOT cold air. Maybe it's because the only air conditioner I've ever had is in my car, so I expect cold air. But of course the car air conditioner has freon and maybe this thing doesn't.

All I know is that I paid $500 and my students are dancing in a freakin' sauna. The studio is NOT that big. But it's like I have to run it all night to make the room feel cold. And then once a class comes in and uses up all the cold air then the next class gets a warm or hot room with a little cool air being blown out of the corner from the air conditioner. Unless this thing starts blowing ice cold air like my car air conditioner, it's a $500 loss. How exactly are air conditioners supposed to make a room feel?

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