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About to start day three on the road...

Well instead of leaving Fresno at 10am and beating rush hour in LA it looks like I'll be leaving here at noon or 1:00 and hitting the busy traffic. Don't care much at this point. I just needed to relax this morning and not rush around.

Just think...24 hours from now I'll be in a class taught by the founder of this pole dancing school. The best there is will be teaching me!!

I'll try to avoid too much internet tonight. I need to NOT be sitting at a desk after sitting in my car all day again. But I don't know if I can resist the call. I'm such a little LiveJournal junkie.

Please send warm, happy, loving body healing thoughts my way. I'm a VERY strong believer in the power of thought. Some how some way my body will be recovered by tomorrow morning and I will spring into that class the strongest and most enthusiastic I have ever been!!!! Please know that for me.

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