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I made it to Ashland Oregon

Wow! The hostel has free internet. w00t!!!

There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to staying at hostel. The advantage is that it is only $20 for the night instead of $50 plus tax like all the hotels around. You also get free tea and internet. There's even a full community kitchen if you'd like to make breakfast. And filtered water from the sink!

The disadvantage is sharing a room with 5 other girls. I can't even relax and unwind in my own room because at 10pm they are already sleeping in there. And I do worry that they'll be getting up hours before me and waking me up in the morning. And then there's the possibility of a line for the shower. Part of me wishes I had just payed the extra $30 so I could have a cozy warm private room and private bathroom. I would take a hot bath, soak my aching muscles and then watch t.v. until I fell asleep. *sigh* But hey! Free tea and internet. And a fireplace! Yay!

The drive was much harder than I imagined it would be. It didn't help that I left late. It didn't take me long to realize I could miss the 10pm check in deadline at the Ashland hostel. That meant driving like a maniac and not stopping to eat. Fortunately I packed lots of snacks in the car!

The Les Brown motivational tapes I got from the library are great. One of my favorite quotes: "I would rather fail at something I love than succeed at something I hate." In other words, you have to try!!

I noticed they are requiring snow chains coming out of Ashland. PLEASE keep your fingers crossed for me that the snow is gone by morning. I so did NOT plan for a chain purchase in my budget. Oh please please please let the snow be melted by morning!!

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