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Just in case...

I have more boxes and luggage packed now than can possible fit in my little truck. I have no idea what I'm going to do. Wondering now if I can just pack it to the ceiling?

A trip like this is not without risks. Especially since I don't know how to drive on ice or in severe weather conditions. So just in case I wrote a last minute will and gave it to my roommate to keep. I'm really glad I did that because I feel very complete knowing directions have been left to take care of everything.

If something does happen to me one of my friends will be very surprised to find that I left them some money with instructions to use half of it for a wake/party at the Mercury (the other half is a gift and payment for planning the event). I did not, however, leave any details for the actual party. So I'm posting them here:

First and foremost I want a cage built for the event. It should have enough room to dance in freely and be elevated at least 2 feet above the ground. The Mercury may keep the cage after the party if they so choose. If they don't want it please ask the owners of the Vouge if they would take it. It would mean a lot to me to have my cage permanently left in one of the clubs for others to enjoy as much as I have enjoyed cage dancing.

Invitations. Not everyone on my friends list has heard of or been to the Mercury. Please invite them as well. Also please post a notice about the party on the bulletin board at Center For Spiritual Living (in Seattle). It should announce the party and location and invite all those who knew me. Both Dragon and my ex roommate Amy are familiar with the Center and can handle this. And please make arrangements with the Mercury to let non-members in that night so that other friends can attend. Or at least make arrangements to have them guested in.

Food. Gotta have food at this party! Chicken, meatballs, tofu (for the vegetarians), veggie trays, pita & hummus, bread and cheese, cake and anything else there is enough money in my party fund to buy.

Drinks. Please make arrangements with the Mercury to provide drink tickets. Some of the money in my party fund should be used to purchase enough drink tickets so that everyone on my LiveJournal friends list who is attending will get 2 free drinks.

Music. Please play lots of Delerium, E Nomine, VNV Nation, Evanescence, Conjure One, Juno Reactor, Wumpscut, Enigma dance remixes, Depeche Mode and even some Madonna dance remixes. Please make the last song of the night Damascus by Conjure One.

Other instructions not related to the party:

In the event of my death please have some one go into my LiveJournal and post a notice notifying everyone. I don't want people to wonder why I suddenly stopped writing. I am permanently logged on from my computer. So anyone who can access my computer can post in my journal. If you can't get into my computer (because it is password protected) please contact LiveJournal and see if they will let you into my journal.

In the event of my death please post a link to my journal in the ljers4eternity community.

And finally I do not want to be kept alive on any machines or respirators for more than 30 days. I don't see anything wrong with passing on when you are happy. And I am the happiest now that I have ever been in my life. It's only when you are miserable and sad that it seems like a tragedy to die because then you never had a chance to enjoy life before you left. I am enjoying it plenty! I don't have any qualms about moving on to whatever fun adventure awaits when we leave this plane of existence.

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