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socks and cat


I ordered this book from Amazon.com:

It arrived yesterday and as I skimmed through it I noticed a section in the back that listed pole schools by state. I was thinking, "I need to be in this. I wonder how I can contact them and get my school listed in this book." Then I got to the page with Washington state. I'm in it! In fact, I'm the only school listed for Washington state. Wow! I didn't know when I bought this book that I was actually in it!


That is awesome.
That's so cool!
Very good advertising! How cool!
P.S. You'll have to tell me what you think of the book and DVD.
Obviously, what you're doing to promote your school is working, and is now starting to gather it's own momentum. That's awesome!
Whoo Hoo, free advertising!
That is so freakin' awesome!

Now I have to go buy just so I can tell people I know someone in it!
And you are the only one listed for our state?! Congrats!!



great news!

Did they contact you or anything?
Nope. They probably just googled each state or used one of the nation wide online pole dance directories.

That is really wonderful hon.

You gotta love that....nice!
Way kewl :-)
Not that you'd necessarily want to object(after all, the saying goes, "There's no such thing as bad publicity"), but I'm surprised they were allowed to stick your business' name in there without your permission. Again, it's awesome that they could, and did. But I could've sworn there were rules about that. Eh...live and learn. Congrats!