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socks and cat

Libraries are so cool

I think I scored at the library tonight! For the drive to LA and back I got on tape:

  • Ageless Mind, Timeless Body - by Deepak Chopra
  • Living in Excellence (it's a motivational tape set)
  • The Courage To Live Your Dreams - with LesBrown
  • Chicken Soup For The Soul

This should all keep me motivated on that long drive! And to read in LA I checked out a copy of "The Ethical Slut" which is basically a book on the poly lifestyle. Since it is so prevalent in my community I would like to have a better understanding of how it all works.


Major "touchie-feelie" fest for Kitten, and no snuggles involved!

Wow, you enjoy yourself down there! Best of everything to you!
Thank you! :)
Are you going to have computer access down there?

If you want to e-mail-chat about the book, feel free to drop me a line. I'm all about long e-mail discussions like that. When I read it I indulged in a lot of long conversations about relationship philosophies. I found it stirred up lots of interesting food for thought. And that is all stuff I've wanted to chat with you about anyways. :)
I'm not sure how often I'll have access to a computer. But I'm such an addict that I think I'd basically go into a coma without at least some intermittent internet access! So yes!

Long Trips

I use to have to take really long road trips... I use to have a ton of cd's strewn across the front seat while driving along. Hmmm very cool though... I was never one for the whole lifestyle books I formulate ethics and what not from my life though I love philosophy. *nodding*

Anyways... Happy Samhain! *slowly smiles* I hope the trip is nice and yes I would be happy to send you a script. *nods* If I still have some around here somewhere.