Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Where in Seattle can I do this?

My birthday is a week from today. Because my birthday is also the one year anniversary of Pole for the Soul, I was planning to organize a big celebration that would include pole performances by some of my students. There is a restaurant in Lake Stevens that has a dance floor with a pole. But when I finally (after weeks of trying to fit it in) made time to go check out the location, I arrived on the one day they had closed the stage and pole to make room for a band. So I wasn't able to check the pole.

I honestly don't have time for weeks to drive out there again. And at this rate the party won't happen until May as it is. Is there anywhere in Seattle I can have this party? I don't want it at a club because then my poor students would end up performing for more than just my party. I don't want them performing in front of random strangers off the street who wondered into the club. I would prefer a restaurant or bar with an area that is semi-private. I know some people need alcohol to enjoy themselves while they are out, so it should be some place with a bar. Food would be nice, but not required. The ceiling should be only be 8 to 9 feet so I can put up a pole. Any ideas?

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