Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

How the first strip club tour went

I'd say the strip club tour was a success. Of the 7 girls that registered and paid in advance, only 5 showed up. We met for dinner first across the street from the club where I educated them on everything they wanted to know from how the girls make their money to why men go to strip clubs. The one question I was not prepared to answer was why I was so interested in strip clubs. The answer is personal, and I wasn't prepared to enlighten people about my personal life and preferences as part of the tour. So I flubbed my way through that answer.

It's funny, because I was worried going into it. I was afraid these girls would be thinking; she's never even been a stripper, why are we paying her $40 for this? But they were fascinated by everything I had to say and I discovered that I'm really extremely knowledgeable about strip clubs thanks to my friends that work in them (or used to) and all the stripper blogs I've read and the manager at DejaVu who was kind enough to answer all my questions and the business working of the club. Wow, I'm a powerhouse of strip club knowledge now, go figure.

The girls asked all kinds of questions and were fascinated by all my answers. And since I love teaching, I discovered that I really enjoyed the feeling of having all the answers for them. In the club I showed them around and found us all seats together. I almost forgot to warn them that they would be asked for lap dances. When I remembered, I quickly educated them how to decline (if they didn't want one) in a polite and friendly manner. It's a good thing I did too. Lots of dancers approached them, surely wondering who all these conservative women were that came in together.

Several of the dancers recognized me and stopped to chat with me. And the manager whisked my little tour group in for free. I feel like part of the community now, like the club is a little home where people know me and treat me well. I'm proud to bring my clients there. And the women on my tour really appreciated the service I provided. It would be an over all success were it not for one thing. AFTER I booked the tour and accepted payments for it, some one asked to book a pole party on that date. The pole party would have made me about $100 to $150 more than I made giving the tour. But I got paid to go a strip club on a Friday night and enjoy dinner with some great women who really appreciated me, so I can hardly complain.

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