Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Meushi is sick

The last vet couldn't diagnose Meushi's bouts of diarrhea even after taking a stool sample. They treated her for worms even though she doesn't have them, which did nothing for her. And let me tell you, diarrhea and an auto self-cleaning cat box are a BAD combination. The auto-rakes that scoop the box just go right through it and smear cat poop all over the box, which can't be easily washed because of all the mechanical components. Fortunately she's not suffering any as a result of it. She's the same happy, loving bundle of purr as always.

When I took her to the last vet, she only had a bad cough once or twice a week. They just felt her lungs and told me she had no liquid in her lungs. She now has it every day. I strongly suspect my cat has asthma. An X-ray will tell me if it's cancer or asthma or enlarged heart or any other number of causes. Given that the last vet didn't do a very good job, I'm switching over to Cat Clinic of Seattle (going in the first week of April). I'm looking at the following expenses:

exam $111
X-ray $116
blood work $88

And possible stool sample test again, I don't remember that that costs. I love her plenty and she's worth every penny. And quite frankly, I expected an X-ray to cost a ton more. I just hope after spending all this money that these folks can tell me what's wrong with her. I just want to know. It's the most heart breaking experience I've ever known watching helplessly as she coughs until her whole body shakes and she has to struggle for breath.

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