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New workshop idea

I had the best experience at a meeting today. Two gals that took my lap dance and striptease workshop in February asked to meet with me. They said they've experienced some positive changes in their body image and their lives as a result of the workshop and they wanted to share them with me as well as pitch some ideas.

I'm really thrilled because I thought only my 6-week pole classes were about empowerment and growth and the striptease workshops were just about having some fun and maybe learning a few moves for a partner. But it turns out that women are in fact feeling empowered and more confident as a result of the striptease and lap dance workshop, without ever performing the moves for anyone! These girls not only enjoy the confidence and freedom that learning to move like that gave them, but they said their female friends are starting to sense that comfort level when they are around them and starting to pick it up and feel more comfortable themselves. It turns out the confidence is infectious!!!

These two girls also teach a form of energy work and meditation that I could best described as spiritual and healing. Because taking a workshop like mine can bring up all kinds of personal issues from past sexual abuse to body image stuff, they talked about doing an all day workshop that combines my workshop and then a healing and meditation portion for those that want supportive environment to further look into and release old negative sexual and body issues. They also suggested a fun playtime so women could practice and explore the new movement I teach them. I'm all for it! It's all still in the early stages of development, but I will definitely be offering workshops later this year that combine both. I can call them: Sensuality and Sexuality Workshops.
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