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socks and cat

Ladies, this is how to remove your thong on the pole...

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the comments I got on the last video. But I can't help but wonder if more than 6 people that commented actually enjoyed watching that video (especially since I worked so hard on it and it took me 3 years to learn that trick!!). So this time my new vid is behind a cut so I can track how many people watch it. I just like to know that after all the hard work and practice that goes into it, there are actually people out there getting some enjoyment from it.

Last week I liked the way one of the strippers at Deja Vu took off her thong while on the pole. So yesterday I gave it a try myself. I filmed it, and Meushi helped with the video:

For the real video, click the play button:

My first attempt at humor with pole dancing. I'm hoping they work well together so I can try it again in the future. Let me know how you like it.

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Very sexy and very funny. I've never seen that move before.
Thank you! Perhaps I should rent out my cat for this particular move. :)
VERY cute!

Too bad there were 2 sets of undies :P
D'oh! :)
*grins*.. I loved the video.. and the humor was adorable!
Much appreciated, thank you!
Very cute and funny- Meushi stars again!
Pretty soon she'll be starring in her own pole dance videos!
Sexy! Amazing! Loved it! You never cease to amaze me with your talents and your very quick learning curve!
Thank you!
great video, great moves. very, very graceful.
good job!
p.s. you are also the coolest person i have ever had the pleasure of meeting!
Wow! I'm so honored. Thank you!
good stuff! :)
Yay! :)
Humor and dancing worked well together. And the pole mounted thong peel is noted as a particularly attention-getting visual.


Cute video!

I'm always impressed when I see a dancer take off her thong while on the pole, only seen 2 or 3 dancers do it. One dancer trick I've seen is to wrap the thong around your wrist like a wristband, not sure that would work on a pole, but I've seen them doing it while on stage.

Re: heh

I've seen once dancer untie and remove her g-string while she was upside down on the pole. I've been meaning to try that. I bet I can do it!
I love that you can't lock Meushi out of the room long enough to film this. It's really sweet.

And yes the video is hot. ;-)
Notice that she takes off pretty quickly when she realizes that she's not going to get any snuggles or love.
Bravo! Very nice!

That was so hot! And so cute!!! I loved it-you gave me a super big giggle :)
That was funny and cool. Good work!
Much appreciated!
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