Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Is it worth it?

I just got invited to an international pole dancing showcase in London in June. Schools from across the world will be performing their chosen style of pole dance. It might be time for a tax deductible trip to London. Although for the cost of the flight and accommodations, I would rather vacation on a cruise to Alaska (which has been my dream for some time). So I have to think about where I really want to direct my money.

The other motivation to take a business trip to London is the opportunity to take a class with Katie Coates, a world famous pole instructor there. I have basically had instruction at this point from the world's best pole dancers and instructors: Pantera, Sheila Kelly, Fawnia Monday-Deitrich, etc. The ONLY world famous instructor I have not studied with is Katie Coates in London. Once I have a few lessons with her, I can basically say on my website that I've been trained by all the world famous pole instructors. Is that worth the cost of a trip to London?? I mean maybe nobody really cares who I've studied with, maybe that's only a big deal to other pole dancers.

EDIT: I just checked, flights that time of year are $1,300. Holy cow, last time I flew to London it only cost me $350.

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