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Healing & settlement update

Tonight I get my last massage. I have been under treatment for one year since the accident and have reached the limit of my insurance company's uninsured motorist coverage (since the woman who ran the red light and hit me was uninsured).

If I am not active then I am what is called "stable". No pain or aggravation. If I attempt activities such as cleaning my home or dancing then it can result in inflammation or strain and contribute to the annoying muscle spasms I get in my back. It's possible I may still need treatment when I return from LA. If this is the case my current doctor will have to refer me out for yet another opinion. But he advises that I begin the settlement process with my attorney.

I have no clue what this kind of injury is worth monetarily. I hope it's a lot because I only get 60% of it (my attorney gets the rest). I would rather get no money at all and just have my doctors visits covered for the rest of my life. But apparently that's not how insurance companies work.

I do know one thing, if I get a settlement there are two things I will buy myself and the rest will be put away for future medical care. My futon is 12 years old. Going on 13 I think. I needs to be replaced badly. My computer freezes up, dumps memory (so annoying when it suddenly does that), won't open internet explorer on occasion, has a full hard drive, has so little memory that there isn't enough room in the buffer to copy my own CD's, the USB port doesn't work, and recently I have had to reboot to go online. If I get a settlement for this accident I will finally sleep in comfort and have a computer that works!!

So how much money is it worth when an aspiring dancer is at risk of pain every time she dances?

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