Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

tears of joy moment

Las Vegas was fabulous! The International Pole Federation (American branch) launch was such a great experience. There I was at an event with pole teachers from all over the country. I didn't arrive with the intent of networking but I couldn't resist the opportunity to run around the room and talk to and share stories with as many instructors as possible. We all swapped business cards and talked about visiting one another from across the country. The performance portion of the night was so incredible that it deserves its own post.

The next day in the town car on the way to my private lesson with Fawnia (the country's first pole instructor) I found myself starting to cry. Tears of joy are a rare thing, but I didn't want the driver to see me crying. But I was so emotional. I mean look at the situation. A year ago I was just a wheel in a giant corporate cog. I felt like my job made no contribution to the world or the well being of others and I didn't feel like I was part of anything important. Not to mention an earning ability that was totally and completely limited by a boss, a company and a competitive market for my limited skills. Yet there I was at that moment (a year later) a part of something so huge that it is growing like wildfire across the US, Australia, Belgium and Europe. Oh my god, I am part of an amazing sisterhood now. We all support one another and learn from one another and are united now through this federation. And I've gone from a boring and limited professional life to riding in a fancy, private town car on my way to $110 per hour lesson with some one who is also part of that sisterhood. I used to just admire her from afar as a famous pole teacher. And now she's a comrade and part of this process that will lead me to unlimited earning potential and a greater ability to help others feel great about themselves and their bodies. How did my life get here? I never expected this. How could I not cry?

Of course it's not all glamour and money. Those who read my journal know how I push through injuries and pain to maintain the frantic teaching schedule that I do. I often work 12 hour days including evenings and most weekends. And while I took the fancy, private, leather lined town car to my lesson, I took the double decker bus back to my hotel because I'm still a penny pincher and I want most of my money to go back into growing the business instead of things for me. But in the midst of seemingly endless hard work and business expenses, there is still the fact that I am part of a community now that is worldwide. And my life and potential may never again be limited by a job or a boss. Instead, it is limitless and shaped by the support of my friends, my hard work and creativity.

Just in case I haven't mentioned this lately to those of you who have supported me and helped me get this far...THANK YOU!

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