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Girl who dances in a cage

We rocked amateur night at Deja Vu!!

Those are my girls and some friends in the above picture, you can see me on the top left. We all started with dinner across the street and it was so special that it felt just like my birthday! And you should have seen the surprised looks on the dancers' faces when we walked into the club together. We outnumbered the actual dancers!

Deja Vu has never seen an amateur night like this before. Normally they have about 4 to 5 girls. Last night they had 15 amateurs, 10 of which were myself and my girls. And each time one of my girls went up there, I felt like a proud mama. Do you know how much fear and how many old boundaries my student had to conquer to get up on that real dance stage in front of so many people? I was glowing with pride!! They not only did some tricks that I taught them, but each one threw in some improvisations and some of her own style and sass. So even though they all learned from me, not one performance was anything like the other.

As for my turn on stage, well...

Unfortunately the song I had chosen was too slow for the club. So I chose "So Cold" by Breaking Benjamin instead. I got up to the stage to the cheers of my students and friends and just went for it. I did run into trouble almost immediately because the poles are so close to the edge of the stage. So instead of graceful landings that allowed me to merge into floor work, I would find my leg and half my body hanging off the edge of the stage as I came down from the pole. So this made for some awkwardness and some less than smooth dancing. The other obstacle was the way my nervousness makes me forget my own moves. My head went blank on the spins. Really...blank...empty...years of moves just forgotten. I literally could remember maybe 3 of my spins. Fortunately I remembered all but one of my inversions so I went upside down a LOT.

The cool thing is, the DJ did things differently for me. Because there were so many girls, they only got 2 minutes each. And while they were up there, the DJ would make up funny stories about them like what their favorite sexual positions were and whether or not they liked oral sex (we were supposed to fill out a questionnaire with these answers but if you leave the questions blank he just makes up answers). When I got up there, he did some special lights for me and I guess he was so mesmerized by all my upside down spinning and hanging that he never made up any stories or said a word about me. He just let me go to town for the full 3 1/2 minutes of the song. Yay! I did remember to slow down a little bit now and then and try some slow, sensual dance movement. But for the most part it was some powerful upside down pole tricks one after another.

When I was done dancing, I was quite surprised to see some dollar bills on the stage! I was so in the zone when I was dancing that I didn't know people were throwing money. I kept trying to pick it all up and people in the audience kept telling me I had missed some and where it was. By the time I was done I had gathered up $21 in tips from the stage. Holy cow! I think I might just have to frame those tips to commemorate the fun experience! In the end, I was one of the 3 finalists. I'm proud to say that the winner was one of my students who learned her stuff from me! And she is a fire performer on the side, so her tiny little 5 foot frame packed one punch of a stage presence. She'll be using her $100 prize as spending money on a trip out of the country next week. The DJ also mentioned my pole school and my website at the end, which was so kind considering that I didn't even ask him too. I also tipped him generously, since my friends that work at strip clubs taught me well.

When it was over we all collected the $25 we get just for performing. Mine will go toward my dry cleaning bill. When I changed into the hot pants and bra I wanted to perform in, I wore my coat over it (until it was time to go on stage) so I wouldn't be walking around the club in my underwear. Well I was so nervous that I was sweating like a pig in my beautiful, long, wool gothy coat. Time to have it cleaned. It was a fabulous experience and my students are still writing me today telling me what a great time they had.

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And there I am showing off my tips after my first time ever on a real strip club stage. It was definitely a blast! Thank you everyone who came out to support me and my girls!

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